Saturday, 15 February 2014


Saturday 15th February 2014

Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's day and those of you in the UK are keeping safe in the storms. It has been extremely windy here on the seafront in Brighton.. I popped down to have a look at the devastation this afternoon - it truly was devastating. I feel so sad that the West Pier is starting to fall from the battering wind and waves. The structure has almost become iconic to me and a big part of Brighton and my life.. the fact that parts are disappearing could be a sign? I sign for me to move on (for the time being) - basically, I want to go travelling, so this could be telling me its time! 

Along with it all happening here, my home town, Worcester has been under water all week and seeing images of floods worse than I've ever seen, it's heartbreaking to see so much damage and loss to so many people. 

As I'm sure all of you are, I want the weather to improve, I want to go out for walks and jogs, get that freedom back that has been lost to the 70mph winds...

Anyway, thought I'd share those thoughts with you all - how are you all coping? Hope no one has been suffering too much and managing to live relatively normal lives.

It's a bit grainy (zoom on phone camera) but this is the west pier as it was today... about a week ago, those two big gaps in the bottom section weren't there.... 

Once we have our results from the BAPP course, I hope to continue my blog  for my own bits and bobs. I take (too many) photos and would love to share them on here if I find anything particularly interesting or when I go travelling it would be great to keep you all up to date with what I'm up to! 
I think I will archive all of my BAPP posts as they won't be linked to my new blog style but will still be there and accessible! 

Hope everyone is well, I still feel as though I should be sat down working on my inquiry! Enjoy the time.. not too long 'til the first of the results!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Mission accomplished !!

Thursday 23rd January 2014

Yesterday was my final day of the course.. 

Going to the campus (for only my second visit), it onestly felt two days since I was there for the induction. The past three modules have been an interesting and exciting journey and I can't believe it's now over. 
It was so great interacting with some of you BAPP students, wish I could have had the chance to meet more of you!

I felt my presentation went well. I ended up speaking from my heart and mind, and didn't read off the notes in front of me. I felt comfortable talking in front of the group.. I can't tell you how brilliant it was to get smiles off people when catching eye contact - it really helped me to feel at ease and gave little boosts of confidence.

It was fascinating to observe such varied presentations yet all of them had cross overs from student views, to teacher views and of TV actors too. I enjoyed seeing the entire course come together and from feeling so passionate about my chosen topic, I feel it was an excellent way to end the final module. There was a positive and happy atmosphere once we'd finished and I look forward to learning about everyone's progression.

I should like to continue blogging (as we all talked about yesterday), whether it be related to my BAPP subject and dance or whether I try for new things. Maybe just general thoughts and ideas, art work, useful things I've learnt... whatever it may be, I have learnt just how excellent blogging can be. A whole new source of networking I never would have stepped into without this course.

I hope all of the presentations have gone well, whether on campus or over Skype. We all seem to have worked so hard so every single one of you - I hope you celebrate well and enjoy progressing forward into the future!

I'm now on my laptop with no work to do... youtube cat videos perhaps?!

Sunday, 5 January 2014


Sunday 5th January 2014

I've done it.. I've submitted it!! Feel as though I've forgotten something or not done something correctly but I am so pleased to have finally finished (well, until oral presentation)

Hope everyone is getting on well and ready to submit. All the best ! :)

...and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Not long..

Sunday 15th December 2013

I was looking through last years blogs earlier and I posted one a year ago (tomorrow)...!

As Christmas comes closer, my time seems to be disappearing and I am trying desperately hard to get my work done. Yes, the festivities are still going on but I really want to be able to enjoy my time at home with my parents and make it an merry one! So by getting it done with only editing left to do, I really will be a happy lady.

Hope everyone is getting on well and looking forward to Christmas. Only 10 days away now... better start some present shopping too. Whoops!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

back so soon...

Tuesday 3rd December 2013... again.

I thought I'd share my survey on here for any of those of you whom went to vocational dance school to participate in should you wish too. Again, as before, answers remain anonymous to all, including myself and I shall only receive statistics of the overall response.
Please do not feel as though you have to take part but the more answers I get, the more evidence and information I gain!
You also do not need to confirm to me if and when you have completed it, this way everything stays entirely anonymous.

Many thanks!

Unfortunately, I would have had to pay just for 3 extra questions so please excuse it being in two separate surveys.

Part one: 

Part two:

More literature!

Tuesday 3rd December 2013

I have just come across this piece of literature online:

A really interesting read and I am so pleased to have stumbled across it. Although it is now a later stage of the inquiry, it seems more intriguing to me that I have done my own personal research and now, upon reading this article, there are so many similarities with what I have found! This gives me a great sense of satisfaction as what I have discovered is seen across the board and it is truly brilliant to see that others are discussing the same issues and ideas and that support is in place for young dancers.

This particular paragraph stood out:
"Sullivan believes that addressing the psychological challenges of dancing is central to training emotionally robust, artistically confident dancers. And discussion-based classes are important, she says, giving dancers an “opportunity to express themselves verbally, something that traditional dance training has not offered.” " 
For those of you whom have been following my blogs, I have expressed the importance of dance students being able to discuss any matters they may have, they must feel comfortable around staff and peers and have the confidence to talk, not just pour out all of their feelings and emotions through their dancing. It can be so easy to 'bottle things up' and I strongly believe that far too many students do this and therefore allow any personal worries control their minds which then affects their physical abilities. 

Again, relating to my own thoughts, Sullivan states: "The emotional challenges associated with dancing—relentless practicing even when injured, competition against other highly motivated dancers, body image issues, and demanding teachers—are pervasive, from Moscow to Minnetonka." As I am currently writing my critical review, I have been discussing the key factors that I have found affect a dance student's state of mind. These being, motivation, teacher and their health and well-being... almost the same as Sullivan suggests!
I think this gives us all a clear idea that these aspects of dance education are seen through out and the majority of students will experience at least one of these influences during their training.

The article also says: “Most of us are well aware of the physical stresses of dance training, ranging from overuse injuries such as Achilles tendonitis to more debilitating ones like stress fractures,” Sullivan says. “Few of us, however, are as aware of the mental stresses that are just as prevalent in the lives of dancers.”  Sullivan and I seem to be on the same level with our thoughts! One my main aims of my inquiry was to show that yes, we all go through a lot physically during our training years but we also must pay particular attention to the mental side of it too. It can somehow become 'forgotten' and without being in the correct 'head space' or being able to handle our emotions or stresses, this can lead to more serious consequences such as failure to improve or eating disorders etc. Tackling problems or at least learning to cope with them and work from them will allow students to have more success in their development as both dancers and human beings.

These ideas of mine are backed up by Geoff Greenwood: "Emotional: Feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, and disappointment are inherent in dance. “Many dancers struggle with understanding and overcoming emotional aspects of their lives and profession when they arise,” Greenwood says. “Again they are not aware of the relationship between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and how to deal with them when they are not supporting their dance. Self-awareness and training in this area can help the performance and even enjoyment of their art.”"

I am now beginning to see a difference between 'mental' and 'emotional' and it is making me wonder whether I need to change a word in my title.. is it too late?!

I'll end with a quote from Dr Kate Hays. One which I think most of us will agree on! ...

“Dancers tend to be perfectionists” 

'Using psychology to improve physical performance' - James Careless

Sunday, 1 December 2013

time is flying..

Sunday 1st December 2013

Happy 1st December !

Another week of my life has flown by.. I really don't know where time is going at the moment?! It is already December and with festive activities lined up, I really want to crack on!
Having made a start on my artefact and sent out my survey, I feel as though I'm getting somewhere.. I now really want to put all my words together for my critical review.


I have decided on producing a leaflet for students whom are going through vocational training. It is information and a guide to situations, emotions and life developments that they may come across. I am including images (my own photographs) to make it a more enjoyable read and hope that it comes across as a useful tool. I am trying to be wary of my use of wording as I should not like to make it sound negative or talk about 'problems' they may come across. Rather than put students off their training - which I most definitely do not want to do, I want them to read it as constructive information, helping them to prepare what is potentially to come and so that they are aware of what fellow students may go through at times.

Critical review

I am now sitting down with my notes and making points for each section: introduction, evaluation, analysis and critical reflection...
Once these full notes are in place I shall develop each section to create my final review.